3 NFL Players that Could Find their Way to the XFL

The NFL is obviously very difficult to make it in, because otherwise we would see a lot more players succeed. While unlikely, these are three players that I would kill to see in the XFL because it could show everyone that they still have that skillset. And as well as that, elevate the XFLs talent level. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Zach Wilson

This guy has had a sad, disappointing NFL career so far. I think that getting a year knowing he can be the guy in the XFL, learning simple things and getting to compete and just see the game better could really be beneficial.

He just recently got replaced by Aaron Rodgers, so maybe he can find a quick resurgence in the XFL to prove he could at the very least be a competent backup in the NFL. To put it plainly, he just hasn’t been good in the NFL, and maybe being the top dog in the XFL could restore some confidence.

Then again, I don’t know if confidence is the area that he is lacking in.

Imagine Zach Wilson in the XFL for a second. Unleashing 60 yard bombs into the air, scrambling around the pocket, the XFLs Aaron Rodgers, if just for one season. The XFL would have their cover boy, their marquee player.

For Wilson, he would get a little bit of cash, because he would probably become the highest paid player in the league instantly. He would get to remind NFL scouts and fans of his skills, and improve his game under good coaching.

And remember those 80 passes at his pro day while rolling out? Imagine him throwing those to Jachour Pearson, or even the next guy on this list if we’re lucky.

John Ross

John ross is my favorite NFL player. I don’t really know why, maybe it’s because im obsessed with speed, or because he came from UW or maybe a little bit of both. Anyway, he is on the Chiefs right now. If that doesn’t workout, I think the move is to go to the XFL.

We saw a guy like Jachour Pearson absolutely tear it up, and he runs in the 4.4s reportedly. Imagine if John Ross was able to get his hands on the ball down there. I believe his stat line would be around 500 yards receiving, and proving he deserves another chance to be a solid contributor on an NFL team.

While he most likely will always be considered a bust, unless he breaks out into his madden franchise form, he could carve out a nice solid career if he just humbles himself for a few months, pick up a little money, and get another job with an NFL team. To remind you, he was picked one pick BEFORE Patrick Mahomes. That’s a pretty big mistake, even though the Bengals righted the ship later on with Joe Burrow.

I’ve had literal dreams about this guy. I remember being mesmerized by his speed while watching University of Washington football games. This is a fantasy of mine. Having John Ross in my favorite league. (The XFL) Please come back to Seattle. Whether it’s the Seahawks or Sea Dragons, or maybe both???

Working in the XFL, especially in a pass first offense like the Sea Dragons, will expand his game into more than just speed, and improve his hands and route running, which are the areas he’s lacking in. But, he still needs to stay healthy, which has proved to be a really difficult task in his NFL career so far.

Malik Willis

This guy got the short end of the straw. The titans seem to have already moved on by taking Will Levis in the second round of this years draft. While these are all long shots, this feels like the longest. Because of his natural talent, it feels like there will always be an NFL team that will want him. But if there isn’t, or if he just wants to grow his game in a competitive environment, or at least more competitive than Liberty, he should go to the XFL sooner than later.

I would say that right now, Willis is an athlete playing QB. But he needs to turn into a QB that is an athlete. There is a very big difference. And the XFL will give him that leg up, and slow the game down for him.

Swallow your pride, go to the XFL, get better, return to the NFL after dominating, and return a better player. I think that could really improve him and send his career on an upward trajectory.


While all are unlikely, both sides, the XFL and the players, should pursue this opportunity. This has given a lot of players a new chance, and they deserve to get a second chance. As we’ve seen with Geno Smith, there is a possible late career resurgence possible. And maybe finding your way to the XFL is the way to do so.