Flag Football vs. Tackle Football. Which is Right for You?

Flag football is a great experience, fun, and a low commitment. Tackle football is hard and dangerous, but you get a sense of brotherhood you don’t get anywhere else, and winning is the greatest feeling in the world.

Why Should You Play Flag Football?

If you’re not super serious this is a great alternative to 11 man football just to have some fun. Tackle football is a huge commitment especially in high school where it takes 30 hours a week out of your time. Flag football takes less than 3 in most cases.

It is less dangerous. If you or your parents are scared to death about injuries, then this is the right choice for you. It’s a fast-paced game that’s fun. If you have a young player, I would say under 10, let them play flag football to start. I started as an 8 year old in tackle football and while it was fun, not everyone is as die hard as I am for this game.

Flag football gets you better at the throwing, catching and making moves in the open field. If you aren’t as tough or as big, then you might want to just play flag and 7v7.

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Why You Shouldn’t Play Flag Football

There aren’t really any cons to play flag football. BUT, if you are genuinely serious about the game I would play tackle football as well. You can’t play in the NFL without every playing real football, and while its unrealistic, it is a lot of kids dreams to make it big.

There is a higher concussion risk than expected in flag football. I’m not trying to scare you into tackle football, just showing that there is a risk in any sport, it is still competitive and there will be people trying to win still.

Why You Should Play Tackle Football

There are a lot of pros to tackle football. The camaraderie you share with your brothers. The moments of excitement and tension before you go into battle. Winning at your home field. There is no greater feeling out there.

You earn what you can by working as hard as you can and being committed to the grind. In junior football, or middle school football, or pop warner, whatever it is called in your area, it will be less commitment than high school. But you still get to enjoy the brotherhood.

Remember this. You get what you give. If you never show up to optional workouts, you probably aren’t going to be as good as the guy next to you that put in hours upon hours. If you never go practice, your not going to be better.

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Why You Shouldn’t Play Tackle Football

Injuries. There are a boatload more injuries in tackle football than flag football. You cant avoid them even if you got wrapped up in bubble wrap.

I have mentioned the commitment level, and if you can’t give 110% to the cause every single day for your brothers, than it might not be for you. If you only show up to 2 practices a week, that’s not just hurting you its hurting the TEAM. And if you’re lucky, your team will have enough people to cut or kick them off the team if they aren’t giving it their all. Because we didn’t have the choice to cut if you weren’t devoted. I’m tired of people playing football just to say they want to play football. Play because you love it, and you need it.


Choose what is right for you. Try flag football first. If you like that, you might love tackle. If you don’t, then you most likely wont like tackle, unless the reason you hate flag is its not violent enough.

I love high school football, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. I’m definitely for it if you have the toughness, and the willingness to give your absolute all. If you can’t well, there always flag football for you!

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