High School Football Playbook PDF 11 Man Tackle

High School Football Playbook PDF for 11-Man Tackle Teams – Free

In this 11-man high school football playbook PDF, you’ll find the plays you need for your team to succeed and for you to thrive as a coach. It can be tough to create enough plays for a more complex offense — or to find a playbook no one else has. This playbook should accomplish both goals. I created these plays myself from my years of playing as QB, receiver, lineman, and just about every other position.

Without further ado, here’s what you need to know when using any of the playbook options below.

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Personnel used in this offense

O line: Make sure your offensive line is solid. It’s the foundation of your offense. There’s little glory in these positions but you can change that as a coach. Make the QBs and receivers carry the O line’s equipment. When the RB runs through the hole for a TD, give some of the credit to the O lineman who created the whole. The team will learn what valuable assets these players are.

Quarterback: The QB needs to be accurate above all. He can throw 80 yards, sure, but maybe to the other team. He needs to be one of the most committed players on the team. He needs to lead by example first, then by what he says. Players will naturally follow the QB so make sure he’s headed in the right direction.

H back: Needs to be the best on the team with the ball. He needs speed, size, and vision. A big part of his role is to take jet sweeps, screen passes, and tosses. He needs to catch short passes. The whole offense is built around the ability to give and fake the ball to the H back.

F back: He’s the power back who can take the ball down the. middle and deliver punishing hits to the defense. He’ll also lead block.

Y (tight end): Preferably a tall player who can block. Needs to be a solid weapon all around. He’s the main passing target on the team, so he needs good hands.

Z: This is a wide receiver position. As such, he should be the fastest player on the team. And good hands.

X: He has the best hands and tall enough to throw the ball up to, and fast enough to run by people.

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