Spread Offense Playbook 11 Man Downloadable PDF

Free Unbeatable Spread Offense Playbook PDF Download – 11-Man Football

The spread offense is the new “era” of football. You see all the college teams use it, and all the best high school teams using it, and it’s being implemented into the pros more and more.

The reason it’s so good is it spreads the defense out. Different players on the defense are stuck into making so many different choices. In this 11-man spread offense playbook, a lot of the plays are built on isolating one defender into choosing, which leads to more mistakes on the defenders’ part.

I have a couple options for a download: a free PDF of 12 plays mirrored (24 total). That will get you started. See below for more plays if you want to take your team to the next level.

Download your free spread offense playbook PDF here – 12 plays mirrored (24 total).

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More about the playbook

Remember, I don’t know the strengths and weaknesses of the team you are coaching. You may have to change some things, and don’t be afraid to add your own plays, because that’s what is going to get you ahead.

For a youth football team this playbook is great. It’s simple, with only about 10-12 concepts to memorize. Those 10 or so concepts are put into 5 different formations, and this confuses defenses without it confusing your players.

How to make it work for youth football

This playbook is pass first. You’re gonna need a solid QB, as well as good playmakers around him. You won’t need to add anything to the playbook, unless the team gets it down quickly. Remember that quality is better than quantity, so perfect plays before you move onto others. The best football teams run plays to perfection.

How to make it work for High School Football

This is enough to start with. But, because of the intensive preparation and scouting that goes into football, you have to add some wrinkles and plays by seasons end. If you don’t then it’s gonna be a long season.

Use the same concepts, but implement motions, and different looking formations that can still get the same job done. For example, you can run trips, or run doubles, with a running back in side car to the QB, and he can act as the number 3 receiver instead of that inside slot or tight end.

Tips for making great plays

If you can’t or don’t want to buy this playbook, here are some tips to make great plays. But, the playbook that I’m selling will save you countless hours of making plays.

  1. Less is more. That’s a famous quote that coaches of all levels and sports say. That means using basic and consistent concepts and perfecting them. Then when perfected, move on to other plays. Also, you can have the same play concept in 5 different formations, and with different motions and shifts.
  2. Use motions and shifts. This will throw defenses off. Especially at lower levels of play. Teams aren’t coached well at younger levels to respond to motions. It will confuse them consistently, and lead to big plays.
  3. Focus on the offensive line. Spend most of your time creating the offensive line schemes. The best football teams are built from great line play.

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