A Winning 7v7 Practice Plan For Any Age Group

In 7v7 football, there are many different leagues with varying rules and competition. But the way to get ahead of your competition is to practice better and harder than them. Using a detailed 7v7 practice plan is important so there is no wasted time with unneeded delays and drills. Below there will be two different practice plans provided for variety and in case you have more than one practice a week.

7v7 Flag Football Practice Plan 1:

  • 10 Minutes: Warmup

In your Warmup include Soldier Kicks, Quad Pulls, Hip Rolls, Scoops, High Knees and Sprints. Make sure this part of your practice is efficient and brief as your players will an extended warmup in other drills

  • 20 Minutes: Run Route Tree

Start with hitches, and work your way up to verts. You can see the full route tree below.

Football Route Tree
  • 15 Minutes: Angle Drill

Set Up a 10 by 10 yard box with cones. Have 2 players stand on opposite sides. One player is on offense and the other on defense. The offensive player has to get to the other side without stepping out of bounds, or getting tagged or flag pulled. (Some leagues have flags others just touch.) Have players focus on breaking down and running to the hip.

  • 15 Minutes: Run through plays on Air

If you need plays for your team, you can get a free 8-play basic playbook for your team or purchase additional plays. Get your playbook here.

  • 30 Minutes: Scrimmage

If you have the 14 players necessary for a scrimmage go ahead and run it. The best solution for scrimmaging is to try and find a team to scrimmage with. If all else fails, run a 5v5 with a smaller field or try and run the route concepts with 2 recievers and 3 defenders.

7v7 Football Practice Plan 2:

  • 10 Minutes: Warmup
  • 20 Minutes: Routes
  • 10 Minutes: Angle Drills
  • 20 Minutes: Scrimmage

The first practice is an hour and a half and should be used during the week most times. If you need a longer practice time extend the scrimmage time as that is when players improve and learn the most. Use the second practice before games.

Let me know how this 7v7 practice plan works for your team. Leave a comment below!

Photo credit: Asher Lucas