AAF Power Rankings Week 2

AAF Week Two Power Rankings

Here’s how I think AAF teams stacked up after week 2.

Orlando Apollos - AAF Team1. Orlando Apollos 2-0

This team passed at will on San Antonio. Their defense was clearly not as dominant as last week. Their rush game was a problem. Akeem Hunt was not as explosive as last week but big plays won them the game. Good win against a good team.

Birmingham Iron - AAF Team2. Birmingham Iron 2-0

The Iron got behind early but fought back to win it. There was nothing really notable about this game except they need to watch out for an improving Atlanta Legend team.

Arizona Hotshots - AAF Team3. Arizona Hotshots 2-0

Christian Hackenberg showed why he was drafted in the 2nd round of the NFL draft. He led his team off to a big lead, but the Hotshots are just a more talented team. They did not do as well at passing as last week but got the job done.

San Antonio Commanders - AAF4. San Antonio Commanders 1-1

They lost but gave a good fight. I really thought they would win, but that pick-six that was thrown Logan Woodside was a costly mistake and lost them the game.

San Diego Fleet - AAF Team

5. San Diego fleet 1-1

They got a really good run game going in the 4th quarter, but they need to work on catching the ball. That’s important. Got saved by a few penalties by Atlanta, but still, they won the game. And I’m not taking anything away from them.

Salt Lake Stallions - AAF Team

6. Salt Lake Stallions 0-2

They blew a 9-0 lead, but gave #2 up there a fight. They probably should have won, but this weekend it seemed that the worse team got off to a really good start, but the better team finished it.

Memphis Express - AAF Team

7. Memphis Express 0-2

Christian Hackenberg did really well, but a very disappointing loss to the Hotshots. 2 points, they were that close. They had to keep the tempo up from the first half up through the second half

Atlanta Legends - AAF Team8. Atlanta Legends 0-2

Got off to a really hot start, and controlled the game for the first 3 quarters, but the Fleet’s run game conquered their previously stout defense. Besides the loss I thought they improved a lot.


Image: AAF / Memes TV / YouTube