8 BOLD NFL offseason predictions

(And Some Playoff)

Playoff Predictions

  1. We get a Chiefs versus Buccaneers Super Bowl rematch. Sure that’s realistic but this is BOLD predictions. I feel like at this point you can’t bet against Tom Brady, but I’ll go with the Cardinals putting aside their mid-late season struggles and going all the way to face off against the Mac Jones led Patriots. The Cardinals end up prevailing on more Murray Magic.
  2. After 2 consecutive trips to the Super Bowl, the Chiefs fall to the 7th seed Chargers. Patrick Mahomes throws 3 touchdowns but also 2 picks. Justin Herbert throws 4 and Ekeler adds another on the ground to make the final score 38-27 in a first round upset.
  3. Off the the NFC side of things. The Eagles make it to the NFC championship behind the arm and the legs of Jalen Hurts. He rushes for 80 yards per game and throws 3 touchdowns in each contest, but he finally gets outdueled by Murray.

Offseason Predictions

4. Russel Wilson gets traded to the New Orleans Saints. The Seahawks in return get Marshon Lattimore, their first and third round pick in the 2022 draft as well as a first round pick in 2023. Seahawks Fans are torn about the face of their franchise being sent away, but fans know there is a brighter future ahead, even with some being unhappy with them keeping Pete Carrol.

5. In the Draft the first quarterback to be selected will be Desmond Ridder, but it will be out of the top ten. A team who will be in recent need of a Quarterback of the future will pick him up. The Seattle Seahawks find another way to make their fanbase angry but, it will turn out to be one of the greatest decisions the franchise makes in its history.

6. The Houston Texans find a way to turn their struggles around by signing 7 of the top 10 free agents for the 2022 season, along with picking up a potential QB of the future.

7. The Green Bay Packers finally trade Aaron Rodgers, but it’s not where people expected him to go. He follows Devante Adams to the Texans and joins their rapid turnaround. The Packers receive the first three pick that the Texans possess.

8. With my final projection, we go back to the Saints. They pick up John Ross in free agency and hope that he can live up to his pre-draft hype and become a solid weapon for Russel Wilson.