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Free Unbeatable 5-on-5 Flag Football Playbook PDF + Trick Plays

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I love creating all kinds of football plays. So I thought I would put together an unbeatable 5-on-5 printable playbook PDF for flag football coaches.

If you’re a new coach or just want some new ideas for fun plays for kids, I’ve created a free downloadable PDF playbook. These plays are targeted for younger kids around the elementary school age.

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I’m trying to turn this website into my job. So I’m offering a free and paid version of my playbook. You can download a free playbook with five 5-on-5 plays here.

The full version with 21 plays (including 4 trick plays) is just $8.00. Click Buy Now below. Once you buy, you’ll get instant access to the playbook on the next screen. Note – this goes to my dad’s PayPal account (Timothy Lucas) since I’m too young to have one but he’ll give me the money!

Flag Football Coaching Tips

Here are some overall tips:

Always go for 2 when given the option. Some leagues make you go for 2 from the 10 but I would still try for it most of the time. Especially do it during the first half of the game. Its an advantage because you have more space to work with and its one more point and that can add up.

Start fast and aggressive. You need to throw deep if your receivers and QB can do it. It will get the defense on its heels then you can throw it short most of the rest of the game because they need to respect the deep ball. But don’t abandon the deep ball after the first drive. Always try to throw deep on the first play of each half, or when the momentum is on the other team.

Don’t put players at specific positions. This isn’t tackle football, where I would still recommend switching up your skill position players to move around. You need to confuse the defense by moving your best players to all different positions. This will create mismatches you can easily exploit. Also switch up QB’s every once and a while it confuses the defense.

Look through your league’s rule book and find ways to exploit it. If your league there are legal laterals, make some plays where you lateral it. If you can do double passes, make some plays with double passes. If you can find tricks to do, always use them.

Get audibles in.  You want it to be fun but also win. Your going to win if you let your players improvise and have fun a bit. Find some audibles for the line of scrimmage you team can call then.

Winning is fun. The players and coaches have more fun when you win. Using an unbeatable flag football playbook is the key to winning.