Motivate Your Youth Football Team

If you’re the coach, sometimes it gets exasperating because the team that you are coaching doesn’t care as much as you do. And since you can’t suit up, it just means you might have to find some motivating tactics. Not every team needs these, as great football programs breed competitors. Here are some methods to help motivate your youth football team.

Make them hate to lose

The greatest athletes hate losing more than they enjoy the winning. They do anything to avoid that horrible feeling of when you lose. While this is usually a trait people are born with, you can help develop it. Have competitions during practice, like ultimate football (ultimate frisbee with a football) or relays, or any sort of competition you can think of. If you want to get harsh with it, make the losing team do more of the conditioning at the end of practice.

Sometimes, you have to make the team run or do pushups or burpees for punishment after losses. This will give the players who lag behind and don’t care enough at least care about avoiding the punishment, as they are generally the laziest players.


Especially for the offensive linemen, take them to ice cream after a win, or take the whole team to lunch or dinner after the game. Not only will it motivate the team to win, it will be a great team bonding experience.

Create a culture

This takes a little more time, but might be the most effective. The previous 2 ideas help build a culture, but winning creates a good culture. No team that loses constantly has a good culture. And while all you can ask is that the kids try their best and give all they can, if all they know is winning, it will be easier for them to do so.

Have fun

Kids don’t wanna try in something that they aren’t getting anything out of. So while I think that winning is the only way to have fun, because losing sucks, having fun can lead to winning. Having more lighthearted practices and joking around can help with that, as long as the team isn’t way out of focus.

Basically, you’re gonna have to build a culture to motivate your youth football team through different methods, and if you already have a winning culture, you’re set for success.

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