Super Bowl LIII Predictions

Super Bowl LIII Predictions

Prediction: Super Bowl LIII

My prediction for Super Bowl LIII is that the Rams will win.

The Rams’ high-powered offense will get off to a slow start and fall behind by 10 or so points.

By late in the game it could become a shootout. But that is unlikely. I think the Rams will start running the table and Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh will dominate late in the game.

The Rams will get 2-5 turnovers that will turn the tide of the game.

Score Prediction

33-21 Rams

How The Rams Can Win

The Rams need to run the ball. C.J. Anderson has been playing so well and becoming just as scary to play as Todd Gurley. Gurley needs to forget his bad performance last week and play like that MVP candidate he was early in the season.

This team beat Dallas because they ran the ball at will. This is the key to winning this game.