Youth Football Coaching: Defensive Line

A defensive line can take over a football game, and can win games for your team. Teach your defensive line to be nasty and aggressive.

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Make Them Nasty

Now, to a certain extent, you can’t make somebody nasty. A lot of guys just come that way. So, pick your nastiest guys with the worst intentions for human life.

Do the Oklahoma drill, or boards consistently. This will get them used to fighting and teach them some of the pain that is possible at this position.


I never learned much technique in youth football. But the best teams do. Teach them some simple technique about the defensive line. Teach them simple moves line dip and rips and bull rushes. I’m not an expert at defensive line, but you can check out more technique in this video.


In youth football I love the idea of 5 defensive linemen. That’s what we always played with. 8 in the box is the best move. Because stopping the run is so important. Anyway, teaching and making the team understand the scheme that you play with is super important. Make sure players don’t spin out of their gaps or slide into other gaps. You want the team to play as a comprehensive team.

Make sure your defense dominates, and it starts from the defensive line. Dominance at the line of scrimmage wins games. Defense wins championships. Now go dominate this season.