Top 5 Most Interesting Players: Arlington Renegades

The Arlington Renegades, one of 3 teams in Texas, will look to be the best of those three, and if they’re lucky, be the XFL champion. The XFL has a lot of names that a casual fan would not recognize, so to make it easier for you to get into it, I’m making a list of the 5 most interesting Arlington Renegades players.

I may miss some interesting names, but these were the most interesting and exciting to me.

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Number 1: Kyle Sloter QB

Sure, Kyle Sloter might not even win the starting job on his own team, let alone be a standout player. But many recognize him as a former New Orleans Breakers QB. He has been on 7 NFL teams, including 2 stints with the Vikings. In college, he was a backup for most of his career. He got his chance in his senior year and threw for over 2,600 yards and 29 touchdowns and Northern Colorado.

With the New Orleans Breakers, I remember him to be a good player, that used his legs a lot. He did get hurt for a part of the season and he had to just drop back and throw. That lead to a lot of interceptions. One of my favorite people in the league, with a hard-working mentality. I will be rooting for him as long as he doesn’t beat the Sea Dragons.

Number 2: Marquette King

Marquette King is a Punter. And I know I haven’t put a punter or any special teamer on a top 5 list so far, and I probably won’t again. But this man is special. The only reason that he is out of the league is because of his antics on the field. He is very cocky for the position he plays, and I love to see it. He made highlight reels on fake punts, and he does have a leg.

So, if one player is going to go back to the NFL, he is the guy to do it. He was consistently one of the more famous punters in the NFL, and then just disappeared. He is the 5th best all time in average yards per punt and was a 2nd team all-pro in 2016. The Broncos just seem to ruin careers.

Number 3: Ryan Mueller LB

Ryan Mueller is the most versatile player on the field. He plays fullback, defensive line, and linebacker. He is 5th all-time in sacks for Kansas State University. I hope that they will move him around, and that he will paly some fullback in goal line packages. He will most likely be playing outside linebacker and rushing the passer, because he is clearly very good at that.

Mueller has one more chance, and this is it I think for him. At 31 years old, he can’t have that much left in him.

Number 4: Kenneth Farrow RB

Kenneth Farrow has been on a multitude of teams, including the Seattle Dragons of 2020. So, he has a special place in my heart. In college, he rushed for over 2,000 yards in his junior and senior seasons, but somehow didn’t get drafted. It’s weird how productive players can be but still not get their shot that they deserve. He will tear teams up with his legs and could be the XFL rushing leader.

He is experienced and knows what he’s doing. Just like with all these players, we all wish him the best, and hope that he succeeds to the greatest of his abilities.

Number 5: Drew Plitt QB

Drew Plitt is a decent player coming out of Ball State. I am biased against him, as I want Kyle Sloter to win the job. But they are in a competition for the starting job now so I felt like I have to mention him. He was a 6 year college player, and threw for 9,000 yards. He could be a very good QB if the Renegades give him that shot.

Overall, I don’t think this roster is going to be good enough to get the job done, especially compared to the other rosters that I have researched. However, I could be completely wrong about this because with these alternate leagues, who can really tell?

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Image found from youtube here.