5 Most Interesting Players: Seattle Sea Dragons

The XFL is starting in less than a month from today. And since the players are less known, I thought it would be a good idea to make an article for each teams 5 most interesting players. This is the Seattle Sea Dragons most interesting players and you might recognize some of their names.

Number 1: Josh Gordon WR

Josh Gordon would be in the NFL if not for his consistent suspensions because of breaking the NFL’s rules. He could be the number one or two receiver on a lot of teams actually, not just make the roster.

The problem is, he hasn’t played to much, but when he has, he has made some great plays in recent years. I fully expect for Gordon to dominate the league and quickly prove himself to be the best player on this roster, as well as be a top 5 player in the league. I do not think this is to much to ask, as only a few years ago, he LED the NFL in receiving yards and was a first team all-pro player.

He said himself, he wants to make it back to the NFL, but now is solely focused on winning the XFL championship. And I think he gives the Sea Dragons as good a shot with an explosive, proven playmaker ready to go.

Number 2: Ben Dinucci QB

Ben Dinucci has made a start in the NFL and didn’t play to bad. He is going to be a very capable starter in this league and will be a top quarterback. Hopefully, he thrives in this pass first system and helps this team to win a championship.

But before he wins games, he has to win his own teams starting job.

Number 2 (Tie): Steven Montez QB

Steven Montez. 6 foot 5 inches and 229 pounds, with a nice arm and athletic. However, he did not show improvement through his three years with the Colorado buffaloes, which led him to go undrafted. He is slow through progressions, and sometimes stares down his receivers. And he wasn’t necessarily a winner, finishing with a losing record every year with the Buffs. He has spent time in the NFL as a practice squad player on the Commanders.  

I am excited, and I actually really want him to win the starting job, because he does have the higher upside. In a pass first offense, he will get his chances, and he does have the legendary June Jones to help him, who don’t forget, he was the head coach of the Roughnecks in 2020 and got PJ Walker to shine.

Number 4: Harrison Frost QB

Sure, this is the third QB on the list, but he has an interesting story. The first of hopefully many 2023 draft eligible players to join and he is very young. The Sea Dragons could start him so that the league can be more of a developmental league for the NFL. He also has a great landing spot with Seattle because June Jones is a great offensive mind.

Number 5: Sama Paama DL

Sama Paama is a massive defensive lineman tipping the scales at 347 pounds. Look for him to be the elite run stuffer of the Sea Dragons. He is a familiar name with Washingtonians, as his alma matter was University of Washington. Paama had a lot of potential as a 4 star recruit coming out of high school but he retired in 2020. He is getting another chance in the XFL and I really hope that he can make the most of it.

Let’s hope that all these guys can turn into top players in the XFL, because if they do, then the Sea Dragons are going to be really good. All these guys deserve a second chance, and thankfully, the XFL has made that chance possible. And if the Sea Dragons aren’t your favorite team, then look out for future articles with the top 5 most exciting players from each of the other 7 teams. If you want to see the full Seattle Sea Dragons roster, then click here.