Flag Football in the Olympics?

Could flag football be in the Olympics? Is it even popular enough? I love this possibility even if it is unrealistic to stick around.

Many do not know this but flag football actually made its debut in the world games in the summer of 2022. I think this is proof that American football is spreading internationally based on the fact that they could hold games with so many different countries coming together to support teams.

Of course, I do not think it would be possible to do a full contact version of football, because the USA outclasses everybody. But, if you can do 5 on 5 football, and every country has some great athletes, then you can have some pretty competitive games.

The USA won gold in men’s recently in 2022 and the women’s team won silver. Mexico won the Women’s bracket.

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Is this Reality?

Could flag football really be in the Olympics? I very much think it could be, and I would bet a lot of money and then some on the fact that there’s going to be flag football in the next Olympics. The USA will probably win gold every single time though, and it would probably lack in parity. The only good thing in that aspect is no NFL players or pro football players can participate, because that would just be straight up unfair.

I would love to see American football in the Olympics. It is the best sport in the world by every measure. And I am completely unbiased of course. And while I think they will do it in 2028, I think it will be a one time thing because of the lack of parity, or change, that we will see each Olympics. Because most countries can’t compete with the USA in football, then there won’t be that many different winners.  But, then again, the USA wins at basketball almost every single year, and so they might keep football in if it gets good ratings.

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