5 Most Interesting Players: Vegas Vipers

The Vegas Vipers season is almost underway, and they have the highest paid XFL player in Brett Hundley. He better live up to that contract because the XFL really need some star players to help to continue to the next season. And for you Vegas Vipers fans, here are the 5 most interesting Vegas Vipers players.

Number 1: Brett Hundley QB

This guy is as sure a bet to start as anyone in this league. He is getting paid 200,000 dollars to play, and that is a lot more than anyone else in the XFL. Hundley hasn’t played in a regular season game in the NFL since 2017, which was his third year since being drafted in the 5th round of the NFL draft. He had almost 10,000 passing yard at UCLA in 3 years as the starter. All we can do is hope, because it almost feels like they need this guy to ball out, as he is a big name free agent signing for this league. He was on NFL practice squads before this, so for the XFL to lure him away from that is a big deal

Number 2: Martavis Bryant WR

A lot of real football fans probably know this name. For a few years, this guy was the number 2-3 option on the Steelers. Unfortunately, even with his success, he was in some trouble with the NFL. He has been suspended multiple times, and this will be his first time playing real football for quite a few years. This guy should dominate if he is still in peak condition. But since it has been a while, he might not be at the top of his game. If you pair him with Hundley, this should be the most dangerous passing duo in the league.

Number 3: Vic Beasley LB

Another former Clemson player, Vic Beasley also has had a pretty good NFL career. He even had 15.5 sacks in the 2016 season, as well as an 8 sack season only 3.5 years ago. He possesses elite speed, and will chase down the slower QBs of this league. He’s not gonna be in the XFL for too long, because he will play well enough to get him back to the big league.

Number 4: Geronimo Allison WR

Another guy who had a solid career in the NFL, he opted out in the 2020 Covid season. He played with Aaron Rodgers for a few years, as well as overlapping with Brett Hundley in Green Bay for a couple of seasons. That bodes well for their connection, as they have played real NFL snaps together. Relatively slow, look for him to be a reliable underneath receiver with some nice yards after catch.

Number 5: Luis Perez QB

A guy who’s unfortunate enough to get put on the same team as Hundley, he would for sure be starting anywhere else. The spring league GOAT, he has played in ever league imaginable. The Vipers know they are in good hands if Hundley unfortunately goes down, because Perez is a proven winner.

All things considered, this team looks loaded. They have tons of players with production and NFL experience. If you want to see the full roster for yourself click here. Fan of another team? Click here for other teams 5 most interesting players.