My Concussion Experience: What do Concussions Feel Like?

Concussions are scary, and dangerous. I have had 5 diagnosed concussions, so I feel like I’m a qualified person to answer this question. But, remember that if you don’t pull yourself, you can have lasting effects and miss WAY more time than if you had just missed a week and let it recover. It’s really hard, but you’ll be thankful later. And that’s why its important to know what concussions feel like so you can pull yourself.

Remember that some people react different to brain trauma. So, my experience could be different than yours. But, it’s very important I get this point across. Pull yourself if you have more than a few symptoms. I know someone who kept playing through it, and then after the season, he couldn’t stand up.

Double Vision

After my last concussion in September of 2022, I got thrown down onto my head and got back up. It felt routine, but after tossing the ball to the ref, I turned towards the QB. I saw 2 of him standing about 10 yards apart. And when I looked to the sideline, it was a blurry mess.

Sensitivity to Light

The stadium lights are searing and they burn into your brain. It’s pretty bad. I lived in a dark room for about a week because it hurt to bad to be in any light. I looked pretty cool with sunglasses though.


They never stopped for me. It was constant for about a week. And then they’re on and off for a long time.

Light Headed/Dizzy

Feeling like your floating. Every time you move. It keeps going. It gets really annoying because you can’t really stay balanced, and I still feel it sometimes.

Obviously there are more, such as more obvious ones like vomiting and passing out. But, going back to work/school can be a real pain. I couldn’t last a day when I came back. (I still get headaches through a full day, but that could be other reasons.) Just PULL YOURSELF OUT if these symptoms apply to you. Don’t be a hero and play through it. Your brain is more important than football. You don’t wanna turn out like Antonio Brown.