7 on 7 Football Trick Plays – Free Download PDF Playbook

>>Download 7v7 Football trick playbook<<

7 on 7 football is fun, and running trick plays can help you have fun, and win at the same time. You might not be the most talented team in your league, but you can for sure be the most creative, and most innovative.

There are a lot of different 7 on 7 leagues, and so they do not all have the same rules. Some allow for laterals, others don’t. Others allow for the center to be eligible almost like a tight end. You need to learn how to exploit the weaknesses in a defense and also exploit the rule book to your advantage.

I have made a 12-play playbook to help you dominate. Don’t excessively use them and make sure your league’s rulebook allows them. I have made the playbook where the center is not eligible, but if he is in your league, simply keep some of the same concepts and just add him in.

Finally, make sure you practice these plays in a practice. They are definitely to complicated to not practice. Mess with alignments and speed and personnel. Now, just go out and win.

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