Seattle Sea Dragons: Bench Ben Dinucci

So, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. The Sea Dragons have won 4 games in a row, including a win against a really good Roughnecks team. But it feels like almost in spite of Dinucci, and not because of him.

Why do the Dragons keep starting him?

He gives them the element of mobility and explosive playmaking at the QB position. He still leads the league in passing yards and has been able to to move the offense reasonably well, as the Dragons are first in total offense. Dinucci provides on average 2 Touchdown per game, with 11 passing and 1 rushing TD on the season. And of course, keeping the same QB builds consistency, but I don’t know if a shake up wouldn’t help.

So, why bench him?

It’s the turnovers. He has thrown 8 picks, as well as 5 fumbles. With plenty more turnover worthy plays. As of before week 6, the Dragons were first in yards, but 5th in scoring. That’s testament to the fact that he sucks in the red zone. Like absolutely atrocious. There are no excuses, especially with the best supporting cast around you in the entire league. If you don’t believe the numbers, you can double check me here.

Other Options

Please give Steven Montez a chance. I beg. Even if it’s just for a quarter, you need to see what you have with him. Dinucci needs to realize that the job is not his if he keeps making these crucial mistakes. Sometimes a shake up at the quarterback position can revitalize an offense and bring a new energy.

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