How to Use Tempo in Your 7v7 Flag Football Offense

There are a bunch of ways to get your team moving at a fast pace, otherwise known as tempo (more on what tempo is here). I have 4 that have worked the best and that different teams use.

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Code Words

When I was winning the most in 7v7,  we used code words, such as Seattle or Seahawk or other mascots, to call plays. Our coach would call plays from the sideline and we would quickly run them.

A way to make this better is to use the numbered route tree. That way the coach could yell, “Asher 8, Asher 8” Meaning I would run a post pattern.

If a team starts to figure out what you’re running, just add a double move to it. For example, if the typical play is to hit the post quickly after a 3 step drop, change it to a post corner, pump the post, and the post corner will be open.

He could make quick adjustments to the play to make it work better. This is a simple method, however teams can catch on to what the routes mean if they know the route tree. And if you only have a few plays then they can figure out what those mean. However, sometimes you can move at such a quick pace, that even if they know the idea of what’s coming they don’t have time to adjust. Make sure your plays have a second read, because sometimes when they bite on the play they know is being run, that’s when the biggest plays happen.

To see the route tree click here.


If everyone has a wristband on your team, or at least that’s on the field, you can call out a number or color that corresponds to a certain play. Let’s say the first play is Doubles Right Husky.

You would call out “one, one, one.” Make sure to repeat this a few times so that all the players can hear from the sideline.  Then they would proceed to run that play as soon as everyone was set.

You can also color code plays, so if its red and its Trips Right Seahawk, all you would have to do is hold up a sign that red or yell “RED, RED, RED.”


We use signals on my high school football team, and they are significantly more complicated than the other options I have here.

They are harder to see, and your players will have to memorize more, because they have to know what they mean. It’s a little hard to think of hand signals as well.


If you don’t trust any of the previous tips, because they have a risk of the other team figuring out what your running, then you can huddle up. The trick is, you have to call multiple plays in the huddle if you want to continue to move fast.

Lets say you call, Trips Right Husky, into Trips Left Gator. You run those 2 plays and then you huddle back up and repeat the process. This is recommended for some younger teams because the coach can be in the huddle with you.

If you can’t be in the huddle as a coach. Then have a player wear a wristband and have him call the plays and then you run them.

It’s as simple as that. The biggest advantage to this is there’s clear communication and less chance of the call being intercepted.

My favorite one is code words, and especially if you have the team to run it, it works the best. Use the route tree to help your team call successful audibles. Now GO WIN!

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