How to Coach a 5-year-old Flag Football Team

When I was in middle school, I coached a 7-year-old football team. We weren’t necessarily the best, as I think we only won 1 or 2 games. But it was still a good experience. With younger kids you have to realize that they’re there to have fun. And especially if you’re coaching a 5-year-old flag football team, then they won’t have the greatest attention span. So here are some tips for coaching a young flag football team.

Non-Football Games

You don’t have to play football every second of your practices. Play some games such as sharks and minnows where the kids pull the flags to get them out. Or even just regular tag.

Another great game is to have your team get into two lines, one offense and one defense. Set a 10 by 10 yard box up and have one player try to get to the other side without his flag being pulled.


Have them practice throwing and catching by just playing pass for a bit. If they are up for it, they can run some short routes like hitches and slants. Also, you can run through some plays, mostly just simple run plays so that they can understand them.

Teach them the basic rules of football if they don’t already know, because the whole point they are there is so they can learn and have some fun playing the greatest game.

What To Do During Game Time

For this age, you will definitely be in the huddle with them. Have drawings of the plays and describe what to do carefully. Stick to some simple handoffs, and throw in a short throw once in a while.

At this age the most important thing is pulling the flags, as it’s the easiest thing to be good at when they are this little.

If you need plays you can purchase a 5v5 flag football playbook OR a 7v7 flag football playbook.

Help them learn about football and some basic concepts of flag football, but let them enjoy themselves. They really are just there to have fun and you need to make sure that they do because they could come back if you make it enjoyable.

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