5 Most Interesting Players: Houston Roughnecks

The Houston Roughnecks are back. If they can get anywhere near the type of success they got last time around, they are doing something right. They got some talent on this roster, but here we cover the top 5 most interesting Houston Roughnecks players.

Number 1: Cole McDonald QB

Cole McDonald is a passing yards machine. At Hawaii, He passed for 8,000 yards in 2 seasons, as well as 70 touchdowns in the Rainbow Warriors pass happy offense. Wade Phillips is a defensive coach, but very experienced, and could help McDonald become a little more conservative and cut down on the interceptions. Cole McDonald, barring some surprising breakout, will be the Jameis Winston of the XFL. Creating exciting and crazy plays for the Roughnecks, but also keeping the other team in the game.

Number 2: Max Borghi RB

This guy will be the Christian McCaffery of the XFL. Good at receiving, good at rushing, and some other reasons. He was a projected 4th or 5th round pick in the NFL by some websites and experts, but for some reason fell to undrafted. Borghi played at Washington State, and was probably their best player for a while. He had 800 yards rushing twice in college, as well as 500 yards receiving in his sophomore year. Let’s hope he can replicate some of that success. (Just not against the Sea Dragons please.)

Number 3: Osirus Mitchell WR

A massive receiver at 6’5″ as well as average speed for the position means that Mitchell is going to be a solid player on this team. Mitchell was a great contributor with some insane splash plays with the Birmingham Stallions of the XFL. He was also a solid player at Mississippi State, where he was constantly hurt.

Number 4: Elijah Qualls DL

This is a little biased ranking, because Qualls played his college ball at the University of Washington. But he is a big man at 6 foot one inches, and 322 pounds. He was a 4 star recruit coming out of high school. What I found intriguing was the fact that he ran for a couple thousand yards during his high school career. This is a testament to his athleticism. He is also a Super Bowl champion with the 2017 Eagles. So could an XFL championship be on the way?

Number 5: Emmanuel Ellerbee LB

This guy is a tackling machine. Ellerbee had almost 300 tackles during his college career, as well as 2 consecutive 100 tackle seasons. He boast good speed with a 4.58 40 time, and a 42 inch vertical jump which is extraordinary. Watch for this guy to get high flying picks, and chase down running backs all over the field.

This team is going to be a force. And, more importantly, you can now enjoy watching this team while they win games now that you are a little more connected to the Houston Roughnecks 5 most interesting players. If you want to check the full roster out, click here OR click here if you’re just trying to find some info for players on other teams.