5 Most Interesting Players: Orlando Guardians

The Guardians are back! But this time they are in another corner of the country, Florida. And this time hopefully they will get a few more fans than they had in New York. And that’s why I made a list of the 5 most interesting Orlando Guardians players. If you are a fan of another XFL fan, check my other 5 most interesting players from other teams.

Number 1: Deondre Francois QB

This should be a familiar name to a lot of Florida State football fans. A former quarterback for the Seminoles who won ACC rookie of the year. After that though he could never achieve the same standard of success, and eventually had to transfer to Hampton. The former 4 star recruit will get another chance to prove that he deserves a shot in the NFL. This time though, he will be trying to win an XFL championship with the Guardians.

Number 2: Eli Rogers WR

Eli Rogers is yet another example of 4 star recruits not panning out as planned. He went to Louisville, and was a solid player there for all 4 years. He possesses decent speed and agility, and still went undrafted into the NFL. for about 3 years, he was the number 4 receiver on the Pittsburg Steelers. He has played in the XFL before, and had an OK Covid shortened season. Hopefully he can become a great option for the aforementioned Quarterback.

Number 3: Matt Elam DB

This guy is a former first round pick of the Baltimore Ravens. While 2013 was a down year, that is still crazy. And while that is 10 years ago, he has to have that potential in him, and hopefully that talent will break out in the 2023 XFL season. Unfortunately, Elam has gotten into a lot of trouble in his time, which is part of why he fell out of the NFL. If he can keep his head on straight, as with a lot of guys who have disappointed in the NFL, they’re gonna be successful.

Number 4: Stephen Guidry WR

This guy is not the most decorated, but he has done a lot of work to get here. Starting in Community College for 2 years, he eventually transferred to Mississippi State, where he started most of the time. He has slightly above average speed for receivers, so that could definitely help him. I feel for this guy, as his chances in the NFL were cut short because of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as an injury the following year. This guy definitely has that underdog story, so I will be rooting for him more than any other Guardians player.

Number 5: Kelvin Taylor RB

And finally, we have the son of former Jacksonville Jaguars star Fred Taylor. It sucks that we say that he’s the “son of” Fred Taylor. Because Kelvin Taylor too has some great talent and accomplishments. For example, he was the best running back coming out of high school, breaking Emmitt Smiths record while he was only a junior. He was a 5 star recruit, and he went to the University of Florida. He rushed for 1,000 yards his junior year, which led him to declare for the NFL draft. As a 6th round pick in the 2016 draft, he hasn’t broken out like most San Francisco running backs have. Now he has another chance to dominate here with the Guardians.

And those are your 5 most interesting Orlando Guardians players. Hopefully, you will tune into some of their games, and go support your favorite XFL team. If you want to check out the full Guardians roster, click here for the official XFL rosters.