As probably only die-hard football fans know, the XFL comes back this winter the weekend after the Super Bowl. Do we have enough talent in the world to support these two leagues? And can both survive? We dive deep into each subject and create some predictions about what will happen to each of these spring leagues.

Level Of Competition

The XFL drafted recently drafted, and while I recognize a lot of the names and they are really good football players, I still felt a little disappointed. The optimistic part of me thought that maybe a lot of college football players that struggle with grades would enter the draft.

In the XFL 2.0, we saw Kenny Robinson, a safety who was suspended from the West Virginia Football team. But I think that because of the NIL deals in college football players are less likely to leave their colleges because they have the chance to make money there. Also, because the XFL is earlier, I think it will have the talent advantage over the USFL.

Lets be honest, none of these players will be looking to stay in the USFL or XFL for the long term. This is merely a short term stop for the chance to be seen and try and make it back to the league. The XFL has the advantage as it is owned by The Rock. Since it is earlier players will have a chance to join NFL
teams earlier.
Fox owns the USFL. It also shows NFL games. Will this help players get noticed? We will see/

Can Both Leagues Survive?

This is very unlikely. The USFL was very lucky to make it to a second season as many spring leagues do not. In my opinion, there is not enough interest in American Football to support both. They are going to need to find ways to put the talent out on the field. The USFL is going to play in its teams cities this year. I think that will help with fans and it will definitely bring people
in, especially if tickets are free.

I went to a Seattle Dragons football game a few years back and
it was a great experience, better than a Seahawks game. While I enjoyed watching highlights of the USFL, I definitely liked the XFL more. These two leagues are going to be in a competition to see who can become the more prominent spring football league.

The USFL plays their season during the NBA playoffs which has a bigger draw than the USFL regular season. The XFL isn’t really competing with anything except for March Madness, which in its own right is a major sporting event. The two things these leagues will need to figure out is to put the best possible product on the field and figure out how to grow fanbases of each team.

The Prediction

I would rather see the XFL succeed as they have a team in Seattle. But in my honest opinion the XFL is on course to succeed in any way I can think of. The on field product looks to be better than the USFL, and the teams are spread out around the country leading to more diverse and bigger fanbases. Look to see stadiums with 20,000-30,000 people crammed into them. The USFL cannot compete with them and will die off after the season due to lack of interest in more spring football.

The XFL will become a prominent place for non-NFL players to go to, and
become a sort of developmental league. If they can expand internationally, they can be even more. So, when after the Super Bowl, don’t go thinking that football is done. Go root for an XFL team and help this league LIVE!

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