Is There Concussion Risk in Flag Football?

The biggest drawback from playing tackle football is the injuries. And the primary concern concussion risk that occurs in football.

Flag Football is typically considered a safer option that less serious players tend to play, because it is so much safer. But, what is the concussion risk in flag football?

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In flag football, there is only 0.77 head impacts per game. That means there is less risk for concussions in flag football.

Tackle football has 19 times more head impacts per game on average than flag football. So, flag football is most likely going to be safer than a tackle football game.

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So, this data clearly tells us what you probably already knew. Flag football is an astronomically safer option than regular football. Even with these facts, you might not be able to persuade somebody to quit football and choose flag football as an alternative.

I have had 5 concussions in the last 8 years. But I would never quit football because of the positive impacts it has had on me in other aspects. Many do not understand my thinking, and I know of the risks involved and what I get myself into. But I still do it.

So, if you are a parent trying to convince your child to quit, and you give him all the facts, he might not be to willing.

But, If your kid is just looking for a good time, have him play flag football. It is MUCH, MUCH safer.

So, basically, In flag football, there is an incredibly low risk of concussions, so if you love the game and don’t want to risk the injuries, play flag football!

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